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This article/ blog highlights goal 3 of the SDGs and its action plan to achieve mental health and wellness goals for young people.

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This article highlights the importance of good health and well being because no mankind can live without good health care.

This article covers the history of sustainable development, its current position and an explanation of challenges to SDG with its Solutions.

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Life originated in water and for life to sustain on earth, healthy oceans and seas is the key. The Global Goal 14 focuses on the same.

Green Marketing

This article highlights the importance of green marketing for companies, and how this will help achieve the dream of Sustainable Development.

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This article/blog covers some basic insight into the 2030 agenda. It also brings light to a personal perspective on the SDGs/ Global Goals.

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Sustainability is a continuous process of finding the problems in the present while creating solutions keeping the future in mind.

SDG Goals

This article talks about sustainability, the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and consequently the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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This article talks about the history and unpacks one of the energy sources that our forefathers used to grow their economies, wind power.

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193 nations have come together and set these 17 global goals to achieve together, sustainably for the best of all mankind, and animal kind.

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Minimizing Food Losses and Waste is the need of the hour. It is vital to mitigate the problem of hunger and attain the SDG goals by 2030.

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Peace, when there will be peace in the world. When there will be justice and where comes the role of a strong institution.