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By Aung Sing Hla Marma In the vast sea of global challenges, climate change looms as one of the most pressing and complex issues of …

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Join Maira on a 21-day journey to embrace a cleaner, greener world. Discover eco-conscious challenges and impactful insights.

Embark on Komal's journey, discovering valuable insights, overcoming challenges, and witnessing her unwavering commitment to climate action.

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Embark on Prachi's climate action journey. Explore her reflections, insights, and actionable steps toward a greener and sustainable future.

Here, Indrani is sharing her transformative journey in the '21 Days of Climate Consciousness' challenge, highlighting sustainable choices.

Learn how youth can drive positive change for a sustainable future in 2023 through education, technology, and direct action.

This article/ blog is debunking a popular notion that war is necessary for peace.

This article/ blog highlights goal 3 of the SDGs and its action plan to achieve mental health and wellness goals for young people.

This article highlights the importance of good health and well being because no mankind can live without good health care.

This article covers the history of sustainable development, its current position and an explanation of challenges to SDG with its Solutions.

Life originated in water and for life to sustain on earth, healthy oceans and seas is the key. The Global Goal 14 focuses on the same.

This article highlights the importance of green marketing for companies, and how this will help achieve the dream of Sustainable Development.

This article/blog covers some basic insight into the 2030 agenda. It also brings light to a personal perspective on the SDGs/ Global Goals.

Sustainability is a continuous process of finding the problems in the present while creating solutions keeping the future in mind.

This article talks about sustainability, the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and consequently the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

This article talks about the history and unpacks one of the energy sources that our forefathers used to grow their economies, wind power.

193 nations have come together and set these 17 global goals to achieve together, sustainably for the best of all mankind, and animal kind.

Minimizing Food Losses and Waste is the need of the hour. It is vital to mitigate the problem of hunger and attain the SDG goals by 2030.

Peace, when there will be peace in the world. When there will be justice and where comes the role of a strong institution.

We are living in an unprecedented time of global challenges and it is our responsibility to address the pressing needs & issues of the world.

Education is the seed that blooms into a beautiful garden when planted and nurtured well.

A new normal is set to replace the present way of living. And thereby it is important enough to be on every discussion of climate change.

Women have tried to achieve the fundamental human rights for so many years, but men need to be accepted in some situations

Access to good quality education can uplift people from socio-economic problems as well as make society more inclusive and acceptable.

To make sure, that sustainable development can take place, UN brought out the concept of Sustainable Development Goals in Rio de Janeiro

The Sustainable Development Goals works as a framework to maintain sustainability and to ensure providing basic facilities to people and live a better life.

Over the years, we have developed a soft corner, a prejudice for our women. However, our law must treat men and women the same.

I have realized, however, that I am none of those things and have never actually taken a long, hard look around myself.

Sustained as it retains means that we can have a sustained future for the next generation if the continuation of supply goes on.

It covers caste and colour-based discrimination as the most important aspect of inequality in the distribution of resources.

India contends a major role in creating the declaration and its progress in achieving these Global Goals are crucial for all the world.

This blog discusses overconsumption in a holistic way. One research has shown that 80% of the resources are consumed by just 20% of people.

Regulation on Naval Exercises is important to protect the life below water as per Goal 14 of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

SDGs, also known as Global Goals were created with the intention to replace the MDGs in order to meet the need for sustainable development.

Many of the schools don't have a proper ventilation system, proper hygiene and proper sitting area. And this is going the worst day by day.

This blog primarily focuses on creating a gender-neutral society and steps through which we can achieve the SDG 5.

Preserving life on earth and mother nature requires lots of targeted efforts to protect, restore and promote sustainable development.

This blog highlights the importance of SDG 16 "Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions" and what can be done for its better implementation.

This blog focuses upon how an imbalance in society impacts negatively upon the nourishing minds of children, stress for discriminated people.

The need of the hour is to talk about the varied shortcomings of Sustainable Development and how we can overcome them before 2030.

How humans are continuously influencing climate change, details about Climate Action, Paris Agreement and many more things.

The article is about peace. Peace are of two types Internal peace(Mental peace) and another is international peace or when there is no war.

It is vital for the international communities to promote and make progress in sustainable development goals.

Green or environmental startups are working towards bringing innovative and sustainable solutions to our problems.

It provides everyone with basic amenities- education, healthcare, a decent standard of living is a major step towards social sustainability.

Sustainable Development Goals includes aspects like poverty, inequality, environment degradation, peace and justice and climate change also.

Unemployment is a situation when a person who is capable of working, actively seeking work is unable to get work.

Every one of us should voluntarily work to provide people with physical fitness and mental stability so that everyone lives a healthy life.

To be educated is the fundamental right of every individual. Education should be available to all without any cost as our goal is that of equality.

This article has interesting facts and figures to resolve the burning demand for energy in the Republic of India.

This article is focused on gender inequality at different levels of our society and has some solution to make this a better place to live.

Through being vocal on pressing issues, Gen Zs have shone a light on apparent problems and as well as hidden problems.

You can't wait for people to join your campaign/purpose for banning the use. Start doing and people will eventually follow.