Social Equality, Justice and Good Governance for the People

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By Pramada Sharan

Mankind has always been in an evolutionary process called development, which is basically adapting to continuous changes, coping up with the existing problems and creating techniques to achieve new goals. The concept of sustainable development has become relevant in today’s times because it attempts to maintain a balance between development and environment, promotes inter-generational equality, justice, harmony etc.

Today when the world is achieving new heights, there still exists major strata of the society across the globe which are subjected to armed violence, social inequality, insecurity and conflict. This not only strains the mental and physical health of the inhabitants by providing lifelong grievances but also hampers a country’s growth, development and economy.

Hence, to achieve universal recognition and substantial progress of 2030 agenda, global adoption of SDG 16 is essential. This would help to work significantly along with other communities and government to end insecurity, conflict and all forms of violence for a better world.

According to statistics provided by UNDP (2017), about 68.5 million people have been subjected to the atrocious activities of violence and human rights violation. About 49 countries lack laws for protecting women and the tax evasion has also increased. The ongoing situation in Syria significantly proves the importance of SDG 16 as the life expectancy of its population have reduced by 80% due to war like conditions.

The public health officials have also highlighted the link between peace and public health. Thus, it has now become imperative that proper implementation of SDG 16 should occur because it will add additional and transformative dimensions which will enable the achievement of all Sustainable Development Goals.

Proper implementation of this goal can be achieved if institutions across the globe become more transparent in terms of their working by incorporating the judicial systems and local governance which would solely guarantee law, order, security and human rights. Thus, all global institutions should be accountable to ensure equal access to the targets of SDG 16.

The Centre for Social Justice is an organization that has worked tremendously as a pioneer in this field and has become a narrative of its continuing tryst to make justice a reality for all. It organizes workshops that provide a platform for people to learn about the importance of goal 16 and its interlinkage with the different SDGs.

Thus, we can rightfully conclude that in today’s time it has become very important to join hands and defend the principles of social justice, peace and equality for a peaceful today and an even better tomorrow.

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