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Here, Saurabh is sharing his experience, being involved in the Music Society, History Department, Photography Society and National Service Scheme (NSS).

Here, Vinkal is sharing his experience being a Marketing Manager Intern at WeSettle. His apprenticeship will certainly propel him ahead of the curve.

Here, Samarth is sharing his experience being a Market Analysis & Digital Marketing Intern at Peacock Solar.

Here, Harshita is sharing her experience being an Executive Board Member at Literary Society of HMRITM.

Here, Himanshi is sharing her experience being the President of Connecting Dreams Foundation of Daulat Ram College.

Here, Saurabh is sharing his experience being involved at Board for Hostel Management, Wellness Club and Indoor Sports Club.

Latest Blogs

How humans are continuously influencing climate change, details about Climate Action, Paris Agreement and many more things.

Women have tried to achieve the fundamental human rights for so many years, but men need to be accepted in some situations

SDGs, also known as Global Goals were created with the intention to replace the MDGs in order to meet the need for sustainable development.

Sustainability is a continuous process of finding the problems in the present while creating solutions keeping the future in mind.

It provides everyone with basic amenities- education, healthcare, a decent standard of living is a major step towards social sustainability.

India contends a major role in creating the declaration and its progress in achieving these Global Goals are crucial for all the world.