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Chanchal Sehrawat

Here, Chanchal is sharing her experience being a volunteer at IGIA Program.

Enactus SRCC

Here, Team Enactus SRCC is sharing their experience being involved in beyond the classroom activities

Here, Harshita is sharing her experience being an Executive Board Member at Literary Society of HMRITM.


Here, Hemansu is sharing his experience being a President of Team PRAYAS and a team member of the Center of Excellence in Road Safety.

Komal Sharma

Here, Komal is sharing her experience being a Marketing Head and Sub-Head Social Outreach at Team Screwdrivers, NMIMS.

Harsh Mishra

Here, Harsh is sharing his experience being the President of the Entrepreneurship Cell of KIET Group of Institutions, Ghaziabad.

Latest Blogs

Photo by Appolinary Kalashnikova on Unsplash

This article talks about the history and unpacks one of the energy sources that our forefathers used to grow their economies, wind power.

Photo by Christian Liebel on Unsplash

This article/blog covers some basic insight into the 2030 agenda. It also brings light to a personal perspective on the SDGs/ Global Goals.

Photo by Jim Beaudoin on Unsplash

Life originated in water and for life to sustain on earth, healthy oceans and seas is the key. The Global Goal 14 focuses on the same.

People vector created by freepik -

Over the years, we have developed a soft corner, a prejudice for our women. However, our law must treat men and women the same.

Social Sustainability vector created by freepik -

It provides everyone with basic amenities- education, healthcare, a decent standard of living is a major step towards social sustainability.

SDG Goals

Sustainable Development Goals includes aspects like poverty, inequality, environment degradation, peace and justice and climate change also.