A Resilient Experience for Climate Action

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By Komal Sharma

I’ll be honest throughout this piece and will share what I felt!

We all go through some “this too shall pass” phase in our life and remember it later with some memory or trauma attached to it.

This incredible 21 Days of Climate Consciousness challenge has been added to that memory (not trauma) of mine.

Does it sound a little negative?

I heartily apologise for this to the readers.

This concise, enriching journey has been a rollercoaster ride for me (I do have a fear of heights).

I think I didn’t do enough justice towards the Climate Consciousness Challenge and to the curators and executors of it.

And I feel extremely sorry for that.

As I’ve been a biology student and my “to-be” work area was once environmental sciences, this 21-Day Challenge was really close to my heart, feelings and emotions.

However, I did complete the challenges and tried my complete understanding to finish them.

From acknowledging my carbon footprint, transportation: the way of commute, internet connectivity and everything out there provided in different challenges, I’ve educated myself a little more, it gave me more insights about:

  • Carbon Cost of Email Storage
  • Sustainable Clothing and Fashion
  • Ecosia Usage
  • Plantnet Application
  • and much more.

But one thing I’ve known for sure this challenge has given me is the impact of the responses of other people on me.

I see wonderful people out there in our WhatsApp group who were going through each day’s prompts and doing climate actions so beautifully and accomplishing everything in it.

The last challenge of writing my experience has helped me to move and walk ahead.

I’m genuinely grateful for having the opportunity to be a part of this remarkable journey. It has not only deepened my awareness of climate issues but has also fueled my determination to contribute more to the cause.

Thank You!

We at Young Influx appreciate Komal for her faithful participation in the ’21 Days of Climate Consciousness’ challenge, contributing to climate action. If you’re also inspired to strengthen your climate advocacy in just 20-30 minutes a day for 21 days, join us here and let’s make a change!

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  1. Aung Sing Hla Marma

    Loved reading your story Komal Sharma

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