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Young Influx, an online platform is an initiative by a Delhi University student who thinks he could have done a lot more if only there were people to guide him and information readily available. This platform is his shot at closing this gap by bringing together the achievers of today with those of tomorrow.

We are a community-driven platform to provide insight to students and young professionals to explore and cultivate themselves holistically.

Anyone who goes out of their way and does great in their lives to gain meaningful experiences and learnings is welcome to contribute here. and everybody who needs a little guiding inspiration is welcomed explore the various stories featured.

Perceiving the right opportunity, everyone is a leader

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Inspiring Stories

We feature the stories of young passionate people who are going out of their way, doing great stuff in their lives and achieving milestones. We share the story of their learnings and successes to inspire and keep other enthusiastic souls motivated. We believe a single idea can change our perspective and can totally reform ourselves.

At Young Influx, aspiring youngsters engage with the experienced youth from a diverse field. It will help you to choose a better path, a path of self-growth.

Read the stories of people who have hands-on experience and get inspired to create your own success story in your very own way.