Importance of Education among Poor People

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By Navneet Yadav

Education refers to the theory and practice of teaching. In today’s world quality of education is going down because each person focuses on the ways to earn money not the ways to teach students better. The condition of government schools is worst. Many of the schools don’t have a proper ventilation system, proper hygiene and proper sitting area. And importantly this is going the worst day by day.

The most importing thing is that those who are poor are not ready to send their children to schools as they think that this is a waste of time and in this time if their children work then they can earn some livelihood. They don’t know that by doing this they are playing with their child future.

How can one be so unaware?

The main reason behind this unawareness is poverty and lack of knowledge. They don’t have money to give their child a better education. As the cost of education is increasing day by day. It is very difficult for a poor family to send their children to private schools.

They can send their child to government schools but the quality of education in government schools are not good. As per a report, more than 30% of educational funds are allocated towards higher education, leaving the primary education.

Education is a medium to earn money?

For many people, education is just a medium to earn money. They don’t even focus on children, what they just want is money. Already it is difficult too poor to send their children to schools and by seeing this not sending their children to schools is a better option.

What is the Importance of education?

  1. For a better future education is important. Without education your future is black.
  2. Without education, it is very difficult for anyone to earn a livelihood.
  3. The world is so big and if you want to survive in this vast world then education is necessary.
  4. To know the difference between right or wrong, education is the most needed thing.
  5. If you want to do anything, education is a must.

How lack of education affects people?

Due to a lack of education, you can’t understand what is right or wrong and this will lead to many crimes. They just did the crime and after the crime, if you ask them why they did this they don’t even have the answer because no one ever tells them that this is wrong. Exactly this is the main reason behind crimes. That’s why education is very essential.


People have to understand that without education life is like hell. Government has to improve the quality of education in government schools. School owners have to focus on giving good education to students instead of focusing on money. For a better tomorrow learn as much as possible.

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