Reduced Inequality Within and Among Countries

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By Drishti Singh

Sustainable Development Goal 10 aims to give equal rights to every person so that they are not neglected by society for their caste or lifestyles. Inequality threatens the prosperity of a country, the rich people maintain their streak to be richer whereas the lower castes get isolated and are not allowed by societies to move ahead.

What causes inequality?

When the society gets divided among rich and poor castes, then socially, politically and economically strong people take a lead whereas the poor and the downtrodden are neglected by people, this causes inequality. Such a condition results in unemployment for isolated ones and discrimination becomes a part of their life.

How this problem affects rich and poor castes?

This problem does not cross paths with the rich in higher societies but heavily impacts the women, the poor, the underprivileged, lower castes who are already discriminated against on a sociopolitical level. This results in an anxiety status and stress for those people. We get efficient food daily to eat, but they may or may not get even a bite of food daily. On the basis of the stereotypes for such people in a society, companies disagree with the vacancy for such people who need employment even more. Their life becomes like rough mountains to be climbed every day.

What can we do at our level for this?

To uproot inequality from its roots, we need to encourage society about what are the negative impacts of inequality on people, on the minds of children and on the locality. To do so, you must not take the society as a divided area of forward and backward castes, you must treat everyone as equal. Think practically towards the problem, you must not only think but act upon your thoughts as well.

How can we help United Nations for this?

Being responsible person, we all have responsibilities for maintaining humanity. The United Nations is doing many things to make a sustainable world by 2030. Let’s support them by:

  1. Educating yourself and your surrounding people about the negative impacts on people due to inequity.
  2. Start taking out rallies and campaigns about how imbalance deepens discrimination and states the difference in societies on the basis of castes.
  3. Take initiative to volunteer children and become the reason for the change in their minds about discrimination, the difference in castes, etc.
  4. Use your friends and families to build a strong connection and empower children and youth of the nation to be the next change-makers.

Support from one corner of the world can help more than 10 people to live a better life. Fairness in society brings positivity, equal opportunities and stress busted life to each one who is discriminated against today on the basis of his/her caste, gender, background, lifestyle, etc.

Let’s do this!

Imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution.

Sir Einstein

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