Clean and Green: The Perfect Dream

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By Maira Shaikh Qureshi

My journey through the 21 Days of Climate Consciousness Challenge by Young Influx has been nothing short of amazing. Over the course of 21 days, every alternate day, a new thought-provoking challenge was shared, and I embarked on a transformative quest to embrace a cleaner and greener world, one small step at a time.

1st Challenge: Carbon Footprints

In the inaugural Carbon Footprints Challenge, I was pleasantly surprised to find my carbon footprint as low as 0.05. This change was largely influenced by my participation in climate action workshops and seminars. I had delved into understanding the issue of carbon dioxide emissions, its causes, and the sectors responsible. My resolve to keep my footprint as minimal as possible only grew stronger, and I started sharing this awareness with those around me.

2nd Challenge: Tree Planting

The Tree Planting Challenge introduced me to the wonderful world of Ecosia, an eco-conscious search engine. It was a delightful experience to contribute to reforestation efforts.

3rd Challenge: Food Systems

The Food Systems Challenge was an eye-opener, although I initially feared my CO2 emissions would be sky-high. However, my results, at 374.2 kg of CO2, were not as bad as expected. While cutting out meals isn’t a sustainable solution for a healthy life, I vowed to reduce my carbon footprint in the food department, aiming for more mindful consumption.

4th Challenge: Carbon Cost of an Email

The Carbon Cost of an Email Challenge prompted me to clear my inbox, leading to extra space in Google Drive. Sharing this knowledge within my community was a rewarding experience.

5th Challenge: Transportation

The Transportation Challenge educated me about greener transportation options. Although not always convenient, I began to consider alternative ways to reduce my carbon footprint in daily commuting.

6th Challenge: Fashion and Clothing

The Fashion and Clothing Challenge revealed how buying and washing clothes consumes precious water and energy. I realized the importance of mindful shopping and contributing to the community by swapping clothes, a practice I was already engaged in through the “Darakhte Mehrban” project.

7th Challenge: Digital World

The Digital World Challenge helped me rethink my mobile phone usage and introduced me to several eco-friendly practices. I now uninstall unused mobile apps, employ dark mode, set screen time limits, give new life to old devices, and share my knowledge with others.

8th Challenge: Nature and Biodiversity

The Nature and Biodiversity Challenge inspired me to learn about plant names and introduced me to the PlantNet Plant Identification app. Connecting with nature became a more enriching experience.

9th Challenge: Eco-Anxiety and Well-Being

The Eco-Anxiety and Well-Being Challenge addressed the impact of eco-anxiety on our lives. It taught me to build a supportive community, express my emotions, connect with nature, and practice self-care.

10th Challenge: Planetary Boundaries

The Planetary Boundaries Challenge provided an insightful overview of the nine critical boundaries, prompting me to take action at personal, collective, and systemic levels. I’m now actively reducing plastic usage, supporting cleanup efforts, and striving to engage with local government leaders on environmental issues.

11th Challenge: Reflect, Share, and Inspire

In the final Reflect, Share, and Inspire Challenge, I learned to articulate my experiences and write this blog, encapsulating my transformative journey through these 10 challenges.


Throughout the past challenges, we’ve learned, we’ve grown, and we’ve taken action. We delved deep into the concept of carbon footprints, unravelling how our daily choices impact the world around us. We used Ecosia, and our hearts filled with joy as they planted trees, nurturing life and contributing to the restoration of our beautiful planet. We lifted the veil on the intricate web of our food systems, understanding the significance of conscious consumption and the power of our plates.

But that was just the beginning. We dove headfirst into the surprising world of the carbon cost of an email, realizing that even the tiniest actions can have a massive impact. We reimagined our transportation habits, finding alternative and sustainable ways to move through the world. We rewrote the rules of fashion and clothing, embracing conscious choices that honour both style and sustainability. We bravely ventured into the digital world, exploring the delicate balance between connectivity and environmental responsibility.

Our love for nature and biodiversity flourished as we immersed ourselves in the wonders of the natural world. We acknowledged the reality of eco-anxiety, nurturing our well-being and finding solace in connection with ourselves and others. And we took a stand for our planet’s boundaries, vowing to live within its limits and safeguard the delicate equilibrium of our Earth.

We at Young Influx appreciate Maira for her dedicated participation in the ’21 Days of Climate Consciousness’ challenge, contributing to climate action. If you’re also inspired to strengthen your climate advocacy in just 20-30 minutes a day for 21 days, join us here and let’s make a change!

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  1. Usama Haider

    Wonderful Ma’am Maira, You worked well, and the way you organized the blog was great. It is easily readable;; however I will follow you and completed this challenge as you mentored me.

  2. Aung Sing Hla Marma

    Wonderful sharing Maira! Your steps will inspire others of course!

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