Thinking ‘Earth’

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By Indrani Adhikari

In the most iconic end of 2023, it was routine enough to put on display a rejuvenated enthusiasm to work for the planet. Almost in a mid-lethargy I went through random WhatsApp notifications and found a message in a WhatsApp group that spoke of the 21 Days of Climate Consciousness challenge, an abrupt instinct that pushed me to delve deeper into the scope of such a message.

My conscious choices led me to this amazing collaboration of so many communities that are committed to generating awareness amongst motivated individuals across different circles of the globe.

I was looking for remorse from the dailies, the immediate sundown of the fall season or the outpouring of the monsoons, it has stopped the refreshing beats of the climatic juggle. I felt things were not right and it demanded a more intellectual thought that should become kind of a ‘culture’ for the masses.

The intellectual thought I talk of is about consciousness and awareness that hits the most simple communities demanding a change in their ways of living. Probably a ruthless intrusion in their lifestyle but enshrining the idea of a ‘safe and sustainable planet’. As almost all the climate experts have time and again mentioned the sustainability of our planet is dependent on the actions of multiple stakeholders.

Being the most superior of the living forms on this home planet it is our responsibility to duly devise measures to curb and mitigate the constant ruptures in the ecosystem. The efficacy of so many of the new developments in technology and artificial intelligence meant for dialectical investigation as well as restoration of information are subjected to testing and trials but still, the cellphone-friendly applications prove to be the best remedy for instilling appropriate changes to take the initial steps for being ‘climate conscious’. 

In the thought of these new techniques and decisive measures to engage in climatic discussions the worthwhile move has to demand for inclusivity across boundaries. We are still in the very beginning of thought to endeavour into journeys that have standard norms to adopt a sustainable approach.

My generation is the first to witness such broad-themed projects and policy changes that seek a promising sustainable future for the ageing earth. 

With my induction into the 21-day challenge, I have lived through the thought of navigating and prioritising sustainability above all. To track our actions that increase the sustainability of the planet. I came across concepts like carbon footprint, calorie counts and mode of conveyance.

The thought-provoking blogs are followed by easy and meaningful activities to effectively work on producing a green environment. I was moved by how our unconscious choices like even a teaspoon of coffee or tea change the whole balance of the earth’s ecosystem.

Even the mode of transport that we choose deliberately determines our health and global sustainability, not that one is not aware. Still, as humans, we demand factual data supplemented alongside such claims and then we realise our role on this planet to cease the unthoughtful acts that we practise every day. 

As humans, it is easier for us to imagine a reality without the congeniality so much of which we saw during the recent pandemic of 2019. It is necessary for everyone to act responsibly and implement ways to improve the know-how of individuals about sustainability. My experiences of these 21 days shall inspire me to take conscious steps for selecting better options to serve the well-being of the planet.

We at Young Influx appreciate Indrani for her dedicated participation in the ’21 Days of Climate Consciousness’ challenge, contributing to climate action. If you’re inspired to strengthen your climate advocacy in just 20-30 minutes a day for 21 days, join us here.

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  1. Aarohi Singh

    Great piece of writing!

  2. Gunjan

    Insightful ! Very well brought up by Indrani.

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