Empowering Quality Education for Everyone

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By Sarah Zafar Khambatta

A real education won’t teach you to compete; it will teach you to co-operate,

It won’t teach you to fight to be number one; it will teach you to become one with all.

Education is the weapon that empowers an individual to learn and grow. It is the 1st step towards a peaceful and thriving community. So, what is the true meaning of education?

Education is really just a process that helps us gain knowledge. It is the response to challenges. It is an everlasting process involving schools, families and communities.

Education is the tool for discovery that leads one to the enlightened mystery!

  • E- Empower
  • D- Develop
  • U- Unite
  • C- Create
  • A- Associate
  • T- Train
  • E- Enrich

There are many challenges before us, especially amidst the pandemic. More than 20 million children have dropped out of school in the pandemic due to a lack of facilities and technological devices. But on the positive side of things, more and more people are coming forward in their own way to help us tackle this situation.

As Kailash Satyarthi rightly says, “Whose children are they who stitch footballs, yet have never played with one? Whose children are they who mine stones and minerals? Whose children are they who harvest cocoa, yet do not know the taste of chocolate? They are all our children.”

So to help fill compassion in this world let us work towards sending each child to school. Help education reach its true potential, globally!

How can we help education reach every home, every corner of the world?

Governments should act towards making laws friendly enough to support free education. Also, free distribution of books, e-learning platforms and internet access should be provided to all students.

How can we help the teaching- learning process open up new frontiers in the world?

Classes should not only be theoretical but also practical and interactive. Teacher’s training sessions should be set up to update the teaching methodologies from time to time. This will surely transform good education to better and better to best. It surely is a great challenge but it also guarantees the solution to many greater obstacles lying in the way of education from touching the highest pinnacle of success.

How to spread education through technology in COVID-19 crisis?

The answer to this question is closely related to technology. As we all have learnt in this pandemic that education is not attained within four walls. With the help of technology, online education can reach every poor household’s youth. Devices like phones laptops and computers can be used by many and therefore, education can be provided to the unfortunate, from any to every corner of the world!

How can we tackle the inequalities in school?

“All for one and one for all!”

All students whether differently abled or of any gender, caste, race or religion should be able to experience the same environment of a classroom, learning and blooming together. Until we get equality in education; we won’t have an equal society. UBUNTU: I am because we are!

What will your impact be?

This challenge can only be triumphed over when all of us do their bit and fulfill their responsibility as an individual. Today, we will help everybody learn and tomorrow more professionals will help build a world of innovations. Each person is a part of this chain.

It is Now or Never!

Education falls under the basic Human Rights so why do so many of us fall short of providing and attaining a remarkable and quality education? In such a competitive world, education has become a necessity for humans just like food, clothing and shelter.

Education is not a problem, it is an opportunity.

It’s just a matter of building bridges. Providing an uncompromisingly good quality education is not just the responsibility of the government officials, organizations and NGO’s. It is the responsibility of each individual to contribute their bit towards spreading literacy.

Here are some things all of us can help in:

  • Donate supplies

We can donate things such as pens, pencils, computers and other lab material, etc. Share your old books with poor children who can’t afford new ones.

  • Volunteer in the classroom

Lending time and talent to a local school can be another charitable option. Fund the education of a child for a year.

  • Think outside the classroom

You can assist in after-school programs like sports and other extracurricular activities as a host, coach or sponsor.

My belief is that literacy is the solution to all problems such as ignorance, poverty, inequality, religious differences and even terrorism! Let us all pledge to develop a happy learning atmosphere and healthy competition spirit and collectively act to make a beautiful impact for our future generations to see and appreciate.

To my audience, I request you to do your bit for society and see a fantastic future full of fruitful opportunities bloom before us. I implore you to try to make the world a happier place.

For some, it’s a privilege; For others, it’s a right.

Education is the difference between darkness and a future that is bright!!

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  1. Laiba

    Wow.So well written and represented in a constructive manner. Keep up!

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    Superb write-up

  3. Dr Mariya Motiwalla

    Very well expressed. Education is the key for our future.

  4. Dr Mariya Motiwalla

    Very well expressed.

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