Internship Diary- Solar Power Plant- ONGC, K Chandra Vadan


K Chandra Vadan, a Diploma Electrical and Electronics student from Sasi Institute of Technology and Engineering, Tadepalligudem who has always believed in action rather than words. He has completed 6 months internship at Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited, achieved his goals and established himself as a doer.

Here, Chandra is sharing his experience being a Maintenance and Testing Intern at ONGC’S 1MV Solar Power Plant. His apprenticeship will certainly propel him ahead of the curve.

Go ahead and know what his story has to offer to aspiring youth so that you can easily find a path of self-growth.

What was the location?

Rajahmundry, Andhra Pradesh

How did you come to know about the internship?

Through my dad

What were your responsibilities as an intern?

As an intern, my responsibilities are to check the power plant’s working condition up to date. Testing the solar panels which are going to be damaged or panels which are getting very less output as compared with another one should be tested. At the end of the month, I should submit the report of that the kind machines which are not working properly and panels which are under damaged to the General Manager.

How much time did you contribute on a daily basis?

8 hours

Share your proudest achievements and how were you able to realise them.

During the internship, I took every task as a responsibility and made sure that I completed them in a given time. The proudest achievement is communicating with the higher authority and well-experienced persons are one of my achievement and I had learnt that how to handle the situations when any problem has occurred and how to solve that kind of problems. At the free times, my sir have shared their life experience with me which are helpful to my future makes happier and proud. Finally coming to the solar plant I had learnt a lot of facts about it and basic needs to construct the solar power plant.

What are the top learnings, skills and values that you acquired here?

Construction of solar power plant, requirements of a solar plant, teamwork, time management, work ethics, communication skills, problem-solving in tough situations is the main things I had acquired.

Apart from these, the internship has helped me a real-world experience that able’s me to put everything that I have learned into the actions. this internship helped me to gain skills which are applied to future jobs. having an internship gives me experience in the career field. The internship is a great way to gain hands-on experience which is valuable for future jobs. and finally major part of having an internship is more about the field, as well as your personal strength and weakness this is what I have learnt in my internship.

Do you feel this experience is a stepping stone towards success in life? Illustrate how the experience gained will help you going forward in your career.

Yes, of course, this is the stepping stone for success. This internship experience helped me to learn a lot of things which are useful for today’s technology. I have learnt how the basic needs of the plant to run and I have learnt how to operate each machine in the plant. I faced the lots of problems while doing the internship and by solving those problems I got confidence in myself that I can do it also in the future too.

And I came to know that how each power plant work and learned what happens if the rating of the power plant increases what kind of things we must follow the precautions.

What is your advice to those, who are aspiring the same or a similar internship?

Concentrate more on basics on what work you are learning because all the things are started by fundamentals so be perfect in the basics of your work. In my view to make a word how alphabets play a key role like that to complete work perfectly the basics of that works plays a key role in it. Use social websites and apps for better knowledge and before going to take an internship to choose the better one in all.

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