Internship Diary- HouseItt, Neetesh Gupta

Neetesh Gupta

Neetesh Gupta, a B.Sc. (Hons.) Mathematics student from Kirori Mal College, University of Delhi, who has always believed in action rather than words. He has completed 2 months internship at HouseItt, achieved his goals and established himself as a doer.

Here, Neetesh is sharing his experience being an Operation Head at HouseItt. His apprenticeship will certainly propel him ahead of the curve.

Go ahead and know what his story has to offer to aspiring youth so that you can easily find a path of self-growth. Young Influxers go ahead and upgrade yourself!!!

What was the location?


How did you come to know about the internship?


What were your responsibilities as an intern?

I was working in the Operations Department. I was responsible for carrying out various activities related to Operations. I was responsible for doing research, developing & analysing the database. Forming & suggesting various strategies. I also carried out the website quality check. Also, I was leading a team of five interns. My work was to guide them & solve their doubts & queries.

How much time did you contribute on a daily basis?

Around 3 hours

Share your proudest achievements and how were you able to realise them.

I am the vice-president of Tensors “The Mathematics Society” of Kirori Mal College. Also, I did many internships starting from the first year of my college. I worked as an intern at HappyShappy, Internshala Student Partner, India Economy & Business Analysis, as Digital Brand Manager at, Business Development Associate at TwigHop Realty Services which showed as an experienced intern. Working at TwigHop Realty Services Gurgaon helped me gain various aspects of real estate industries run at Gurgaon.

Since HouseItt works in the same domain, it considered me as a great asset for being experienced. And I proved it during the tenure of my internship. I was the best performer in the Operations Department of HouseItt.

What are the top learnings, skills and values that you acquired here?

I gained leadership skills as I was leading a team of five interns. I learned how to guide & build personal contact with your team for effective work. I also gained awesome communication skills, as I communicated with different students belonging to different courses, colleges & even city. I learned the importance of valuing the teamwork.

I also learned the value of taking the initiative & being passionate since that is the only way to learn more & more. I came across the power of being confident & managing fear when you were going to make a deal because that was the only way to make a deal in our favour & the only loss we could suffer was “No Deal”. So be confident, manage your fear & have faith in yourself.

Do you feel this experience is a stepping stone towards success in life? Illustrate how the experience gained will help you going forward in your career.

Yes, the experience I gained through this internship helped me gain various important skills, learnings & values. It provided me with a way of mindset when you were in the process of making a deal. I gained an ample amount of knowledge & got to know about various aspects of the real estate industry. I also learned about the key aspects like strategies formation, developing pitches, doing website quality check, etc. The experience I gained from here will help me to grasp more important opportunity related to real estate & student housing in future. The students housing industry is the booming industry in India & in the world too.

What is your advice to those, who are aspiring the same or a similar internship?

When I was leading a team of interns, there were interns who were completely new to the field & they performed exceptionally well because they were willing to learn. If you aspire to enter this domain then the only things required are willing to learn & perform, communicate well, have faith in your skills & gain some basic knowledge of the real estate market. And you must be interested in management & taking initiative on your own. That’s all.

How can we (Friends, Family, YI Fraternity) encourage young students such as yourself to involve themselves in different opportunities?

It’s simple. Just let them know about the value, experience, learnings & skills they will gain if they involve themselves in different opportunities of their domain. If they come to know about the true value of involving themselves in different opportunities then we just need to guide them how they can get opportunities and also we need to make efforts to provide opportunities too.

Anything else would you like to say to the YI learners who’ll be reading your experience?

Enjoy your journey of becoming better of you. And never afraid to take initiative & representing yourself.

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