Execute – India’s largest Digital Hackathon

ecell dtu execute hack

The Entrepreneurship Cell of Delhi Technological University is organising Execute – India’s largest Digital Hackathon, with a vision to empower the hackers on 19th-20th December 2020. The event is in association with MLH – Major League Hacking, which is the official student hackathon league. Every year, they power innumerous competitions that inspire innovation, cultivate communities and teach computer science skills to more than 65,000 students.

E-Cell DTU attempts to foster new values amongst young individuals to make them an exemplary engineer imbibed with the idea of productive, innovative and independent thinking. 

Execute will provide the essential platform for those who strive to create a change in the society through their out of the box ideas, zeal and ardour. 

The participation is free of cost and will be seeing some of the greatest tech minds of the world, who would be there to judge the event. 

The winners will get exciting cash prizes, certificates and much more! 

Register now for free at https://executehack.in/

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