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Dr Prashant Singhal

Dr Prashant Singhal, the founder of Cosmic Neurons has always believed in action rather than words.

Here, Dr Prashant is sharing his life journey being an eduprenuer, global career counsellor and physics lecturer. His apprenticeship will certainly propel him ahead of the curve.

Go ahead and know what his story has to offer to aspiring youth so that you can easily find a path of self-growth.

Tell us about your background and how has  the journey been so far ?

 I would love to describe myself in a word  as ‘CURIOSITIC SOUL’.

I come from a lower-middle-class family & in India, middle-class families have to struggle for everything. My life has been also full of ups and downs.

Since childhood, I was good in academics but had a keen interest in Encyclopedias, Stories & Atlas which eventually made me a Knowledge Box, Deep Thinker & Question Asker i.e How & Why.

My questions showed a high level of curiosity from a very young age and were from Astrophysics, Space Science & Cosmology, Geography, Geology, Ancient History & Mythology. My Curiosity had no limits and covered every aspect from Geography to Geometry and people gave me the title “YOUNG SCIENTIST”.

After clearing class X with good percentage, I choose Science & opted for Engineering. I cleared Entrances with flying colours, but at the same time life gave me the worst sorrow ever as my mother left us due to Blood Cancer. I faced many problems & finally took admission into engineering from Mumbai University. 

I started teaching students to support the family financially while studying.

I used to provide home tuition and worked as a paper corrector in some institutes. Slowly and steadily while pursuing Engineering as a rookie I taught Physics to students like a virtuoso.

As the interaction with students & parents increased I started guiding them with educational updates courses and resolved teenage issues.

I evolved from a Tutor to an engineer & transformed into an Edupreneur along with being a Renowned Senior Physics Faculty, Global Career Counsellor, Parenting Coach, Memory Guru, keynote Speaker & Visiting Faculty/ Resource Person working with limited resources still touched lives of more than 25000 people & pupils directly & indirectly through various Reputed Institutes, NGO’s, Platforms & Panels.

I am also blessed to be a speaker at HELPTALKS – Largest Digital Health Library NGO on Youtube across the globe.

Finally, My dedication paid off in few years of extremely hard work & determination when his Cap got Multiple feathers like Honorary Doctorate in Education, Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Professional Excellence Award in Education & Research, Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan Award as Innovative Teacher, Teacher’s Glory Award for Excellence in Teaching Physical Sciences & related studies by Dr A. Ashok [IAS, Commissioner & Secretary, Intermediate board of education, Govt of Telangana] & Excellent Leadership Award as an Educationist by Great IAS officer Dr Ashish Gupta.

I now also hold a Global Career Counsellor Certification from UCLA [University of California, Los Angeles].

So the journey has been so far full of experiences with a lots of successes as well as some failures too.

How you came up with this idea and what is your startup all about?

While pursuing engineering & teaching I observed our education system very closely & found some major flaws/ loopholes which were in the education system leading to several problems like

  • Irrelevance & a huge gap between ‘Being Taught & Being Applied’.
  • An imbalance between ‘Passion & Profession’ leading to Inefficient workforce.
  • Unemployment, Stress & depression due to Improper Career choices.
  • Career choices made on  Interest which ‘fluctuates with age, maturity & financial constraints’.
  • Lack of Satisfaction’ in education, work and several aspects of life.
  • Increasing Number of Student suicides’ every year being 12000 this year due to increasing pressure of Parents, Teachers & Authority.
  • Increased frequency of ‘Jop Hopping’ due to ‘Wrong person on the Wrong Seat.

I then made a Vision & Mission to work in field of Education & serve the Nation:

  • By imparting the Best Education System across Bharat.
  • By bringing some Innovation in Career Guidance on basis of Inborn Talent, Acquired Skill & Interest so that all the loopholes and gaps are filled with no future regrets for a student.
  • By bringing Gurukul System providing Traditional Sanskaras, Vedic Knowledge in collaboration with Modern Technology which will make human beings and not machines.
  • By bringing a Revolutionary Change as an Educationist & a Physics Teacher in Teaching Methodology (Pedagogy) which enhances Student’s Learning, Thinking, Understanding, Imagination, Creativity & Curiosity.
  • By bringing Back the Pride of India by promoting Our culture & contribution to the world & fight for BHARAT SWABHIMAN.
  • By educating the underprivileged across India.
  • To reach out lacks of people and share my views, knowledge and ideas i.e educate through online platforms like  Youtube, satellite channels etc in the cheapest way possible.

These are mine till date goals with the biggest Truth “LOVE FOR BHARAT” which made me step in and retained me in education & counselling industry.

I always define desire as “Its something which puts our soul into action for its salvation”.

While working as a physics faculty & counsellor I founded  NITYAM EDUCATIONAL COUNCIL as a Parent Company an initiative in Education & Counseling Industry having 3 verticals valued at 9 crores as of now.

1) CosmicNeurons  (Startup) 

We provide counselling, parenting, memory workshops, training, mental health & skill development.

Our main product is the ICG. ICG – Innovative Career Guidance which is our revolutionary innovation in Career Guidance Market filling the gaps in the education system.

CosmicNeurons is now an alumnus Incubatee at AIC-BIMTECH supported by NITI AAYOG, Government of India. For ICG we stood One of the Best Performer Startup at Udyami Utsav 2020 among 50000+ startups across the nation.

2) PSPT – Prashant Sir’s Physics Tuitions 

I & my team personally caters students interested in In-depth Physics for entrances to engineering, medical & other research exams.

I always say “Don’t Just learn – Understand!”. I have developed a Unique Teaching Pedagogy of Clearing Concept to Creating Logic.

3) NHT – Nityam Home Tutors 

We provide tutors for any subject at your doorsteps offline & even online catering from K12 to Higher Education segment at Pan India & abroad.

What challenges did you face and how did you overcome them?

It took me 9 years for this overnight success. As it is truly said people just see the tip of the iceberg but there is an enormous part inside the ocean.

My journey till date has also been with lots of failures at every step, sleepless nights, financial constraints & low morals but I always had my father as my spine and my life partner as the spinal cord.

I always believe and say one quote “Success is not prominent, failure is not final, do your hard work & have your determination until & unless your victory becomes a history”.

How was your experience being an Incubatee at AIC BIMTECH ?

Its a great encouragement and an honour to be an alumnus of AIC BIMTECH. We completed the KHOJ PROGRAM here which was a 3-month Incubation Program for startups.

It was indeed a great journey. All the mentors ensured to bring deep values. I have learnt a lot from mentors & speakers and networked with great peers too.

What do you think are the most important qualities of a successful entrepreneur and what is your advice for the aspiring entrepreneurs?

The most important qualities an entrepreneur must have are 3P’s as:

  • Passion
  • Perseverance
  • Patience

Apart from this listening ability is the key to success. And my advice to first timers:

  • Find solutions instead of worries.
  • Have faith in yourself, your team and your idea.
  • Become more humble as your profile grows.
  • Keeping an alternative job if you think you will fail then you will definitely fail.
  • Always think to solve the problem of the market not just making money.
  • Work to fulfil your desire – “Something which puts your soul into action for its salvation.”.

Would you like to recommend books for the entrepreneurial spirit in our readers ?

My life-changing books are The Secrets, Power of the Subconscious Mind, Think & Grow Rich, Rich Dad – Poor Dad.

I myself wrote a book “LEARN TEACHING! 100 Secrets to Become the Best Teacher” during COVID-19 pandemic helpful for budding Edupreneurs & Teachers is available on Amazon, Kindle and Flipkart.

We at Young Influx would take this opportunity to thank Dr Prashant for taking a leap of faith and sharing his impeccable story. We are humbled and grateful, your efforts mean a lot for the youth seeking growth and development.

And hello, dear readers, we welcome you to explore the platform with an open mind. Help yourself gain most out of the experiences and opportunities listed here.

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