From Zero To Hero: The Journey with Entrepreneurship Cell

Harsh Mishra

Harsh Mishra is a B. tech Mechanical Engineering student of Krishna Institute of Engineering and Technology, Ghaziabad, who has been continuously involved in beyond the classroom activities.

Here, Harsh is sharing his experience being the President of the Entrepreneurship Cell of the KIET Group of Institutions, Ghaziabad. His hard work has the potential to propel him ahead of the curve.

Go ahead and know what his story has to offer so that you can easily find a path of self-growth.

What was your role? Briefly list the responsibilities associated with it.

I being the President of the Entrepreneurship Cell of KIET Group of Institutions, work to carry on the legacy and promote the culture of entrepreneurship to a large sector of the society especially among the young minds of today’s generation, encouraging their entrepreneurial mindset. I am learning and promoting entrepreneurship within the college and outside the college.

We at the Entrepreneurship Cell of our college conducted many events intending to help students with amazing minds who go unnoticed due to several circumstances.

What’s it like to juggle between leadership roles and academics? Pen down the challenges you faced.

I didn’t receive the college life that I wanted to, neither I received the classical atmosphere of English I always wished for.

So what I learned through my college years was that- It’s just “you” who can create a willing, much more desired environment for yourself. And with this ideology, I gave interviews of various clubs of my colleagues involved in English speaking.

I got to join two of them, the Entrepreneurship cell and the MUN Society. In the Entrepreneurship cell, I got selected in the Public Relations Department, which gave me good exposure to English but truly said challenges are always a part of life so now came my new challenge – “The Corporate World”, I had no clue about the cooperate world, the entrepreneurs etc.

I always had a pessimistic approach towards life but what I saw was a drastic change in me after joining the Entrepreneurship cell. Moreover, then I realized my developing interest in the marketing side of the corporate sector and now it’s been 3 years and I simply love this sector.

And then, after exploring, I did not face many problems handling my leadership role and my academics.

Did you also get a chance to connect with any other activity while working on this post?

While working with E-Cell, we a team of 10 people represented ourselves at a National Entrepreneurship Challenge organized by IIT BOMBAY, and we were able to manage AIR 2, which was the most valuable victory for me.

Also, I recently started up with a startup based to promote the unidentified writer’s community.

What are the top learnings, skills and values that you acquired here?

I have learned a lot while working with E cell but foremost I am grateful to society for all that I am today. Now I’m more punctual, dedicated and more respectful to the community. Punctuality came by team meetings which regularly happened with the mandatory presence of each member.

Also, I learned leadership qualities while working with society. Moreover, it helped me to find out my real interests and passion.

Do you feel your current role fills you with pride and gratitude? Illustrate how the experience gained will help you going forward.

Yes, surely I do.  I’m not only proud but I am grateful for my role, it’s the most dignified role that I have ever achieved.

Everyone has to plan a long journey from becoming zero to a hero, Isn’t it?

This role taught me that nothing is impossible, everything is in your range and everything you decide and work for is easy to gain.

What actually matters is how you deal with failures, because you must understand and realize, each time you fail, you are learning something new to fight again.

As when we talk about leadership we have a whole team with us. How do you persuade others to accept your ideas/ways?

All it requires is a good connection, communication, and understanding between the team members. In my opinion, if you give respect, you get respect.

A team should be more like a family which may have different opinions but all the members work for the growth and betterment of the house. It should be like an impartial space where people can express their views openly. I worked with this ideology and so it was never too hard to keep my points in front of my team members.

What is your message to students, aspiring to the same or a similar role to do?

Nothing is impossible, all that it demands is the willingness to do. Don’t think about what you’ll gain. If nothing else you will surely gain experience and skills.

Most importantly you’ll able to achieve a proper skillset, mindset, and toolset. You will be able to identify your interest which will help you to gain a viewpoint to frame a good and wealthy career for yourself. Just decide and then without pondering on your decision do it!

You will rock it.

How can we (Friends, Family, YI Fraternity) encourage young students such as yourself to engage with co-curricular or extra-curricular activities?

As I mentioned earlier also, with such engagements in the societies, you’ll discover a “new you”, a more confident person with a good knowledge base.

Anything else would you like to say to the YI learners who’ll be reading your experience?

Don’t care about what others will think or say.

If you want to do it, just do it. Do it for yourself because ultimately it’s your dream, your passion and your life.

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