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Green or environmental startups are working towards bringing innovative and sustainable solutions to our problems.

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It provides everyone with basic amenities- education, healthcare, a decent standard of living is a major step towards social sustainability.

SDG Goals

Sustainable Development Goals includes aspects like poverty, inequality, environment degradation, peace and justice and climate change also.

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Unemployment is a situation when a person who is capable of working, actively seeking work is unable to get work.

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Every one of us should voluntarily work to provide people with physical fitness and mental stability so that everyone lives a healthy life.

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To be educated is the fundamental right of every individual. Education should be available to all without any cost as our goal is that of equality.

sdg 7 affordable and clean energy

This article has interesting facts and figures to resolve the burning demand for energy in the Republic of India.

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This article is focused on gender inequality at different levels of our society and has some solution to make this a better place to live.

Generation Z

Through being vocal on pressing issues, Gen Zs have shone a light on apparent problems and as well as hidden problems.

Zero Waste

You can't wait for people to join your campaign/purpose for banning the use. Start doing and people will eventually follow.