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We are living in an unprecedented time of global challenges and it is our responsibility to address the pressing needs & issues of the world.

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Education is the seed that blooms into a beautiful garden when planted and nurtured well.

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A new normal is set to replace the present way of living. And thereby it is important enough to be on every discussion of climate change.

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Women have tried to achieve the fundamental human rights for so many years, but men need to be accepted in some situations

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Access to good quality education can uplift people from socio-economic problems as well as make society more inclusive and acceptable.

To make sure, that sustainable development can take place, UN brought out the concept of Sustainable Development Goals in Rio de Janeiro

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The Sustainable Development Goals works as a framework to maintain sustainability and to ensure providing basic facilities to people and live a better life.

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Over the years, we have developed a soft corner, a prejudice for our women. However, our law must treat men and women the same.

A Change Of Perspective

I have realized, however, that I am none of those things and have never actually taken a long, hard look around myself.

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Sustained as it retains means that we can have a sustained future for the next generation if the continuation of supply goes on.

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It covers caste and colour-based discrimination as the most important aspect of inequality in the distribution of resources.

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India contends a major role in creating the declaration and its progress in achieving these Global Goals are crucial for all the world.